theater_audience_800x334Small Distributor Alliances

City of Light Studios will partner with Paul Lauer’s Motive Entertainment, the leading film marketing firm for reaching Christian audiences, to shop for theatrical, ancillary and “for hire” distribution deals. Rick Santorum, former presidential candidate, and present CEO of Echo Light Studios recently underscored the present new opportunity for faith-based movies to be released by small distributors on a significantly large number of screens.  He said, “It feels like we’re in a special moment that never happened before in Hollywood where you can have this many faith-based movies by not just independent filmmakers but now the big studios.” Distributors such as Pure Flix, Affirm Films, Provident Home, Compassion International and New Shepherd are examples. International theatrical distribution is also opening to faith-based films.  Distributors such as Mission Pictures International are demonstrating this. City of Light Studios will forge new alliances with distributors on a movie by movie basis.

Exhibitor Alliances

Tivoli-TheaterA film exhibitor is another word for a theater where movies are shown. Beyond submission to major film festivals and film industry events nationwide, City of Light Studios will collaborate with Motive Entertainment to develop a theatrical release and marketing plan. This will include the booking of films in movie theaters nationwide. City of Light and Motive will personally engage and develop relationships with theater exhibitors; manufacture, store, and ship film prints, digital prints and collect film rental fees directly.

comedy-sign4Faith-Based Grassroots Marketing

City of Light Studios will create a unique theatrical marketing plan for each motion picture.  Paul Lauer’s Motive Entertainment will again be our partner in this process. Motive’s strategies are based on a system of highly effective marketing “formulas” that connect with consumers at a deeper, cause-based level, which he calls “motive marketing”. Motive Entertainment will cover grassroots outreach, social networking, brokering niche and mainstream market partnerships, media relations, promotion (print, video, press kits, internet), all advertising and product placement. We will develop together creative and effective pre-release strategies that persuade religious leaders to support the films and encourage their congregations to see them. Religious leaders are the gatekeepers. If they like a film, they will talk it up. Because of strategies like this, movies like “God is Not Dead”, a recently produced Christian drama which cost less than $3 million to make surpassed industry expectations by grossing $35 million in the first three weeks of release.  This happened in great part because of the screenings for 8,000 religious leaders in the two months leading up to the films national debut.  Motive Entertainment will provided clips from the movies and support materials for local churches to help this process.  The 200 million Christians in America who go to church regularly have grown weary of being seen simply as a niche market.