dove_research_graph_450xFamily-Friendly – A Means to Success

The old line that smut sells the most is clearly not true! Here’s why. Movie theater attendance is down in record numbers. The majority of moviegoers are teens and young adults.  A large number of families no longer go to the movies because they don’t want harmful messages to influence their children. A recent research study conducted by The Dove Foundation found that 90% of movies were “R” rated; dominating the market; mostly averaging under 20 million in gross profit.  Interestingly the most lucrative movies were G-PG rated, yet were the least made (less than 10%); with gross profits averaging between 75-90 million each.

movieguide_logo_477wMovieguide did their own recent study finding that “Christian-motivated movies, on average, earned four times as much in box office returns – $64.3 million as opposed to $15.9 million.”  They went on to say that “American audiences preferred movies with strong conservative content and values over movies with liberal or left-leaning values by an almost six-to-one margin.”  Dr. Ted Baehr, the founder of Movieguide, summarizes this, “Movies with faith and family values tend to perform better at the box-office… Family movies not only have a more positive impact on the next generation, they also make the most money at the box office, year after year.”

“There is an enormous and growing market for films that provide wholesome family entertainment… thought-provoking films that tell stories of faith, hope, love, and redemption.”Rod Riley, President & CEO, Word Entertainment

sherwood(2)_440wFaith-Based – A Means to Success

A few years ago, the pastor of a little church in Georgia decided to collaborate with two brother filmmakers and evangelize through movie making. Michael Catt, Senior Pastor at Sherwood Baptist said this, “Our goal from day one has been to make family-friendly movies that build on the Judeo Christian ethic and communicate the gospel without compromise. We want to make movies you could take your girlfriend or your grandmother to without embarrassment.” From 2006-2012 Sherwood Baptist Church produced three movies; “Facing the Giants”, “Fireproof” and “Courageous”. With a total investment of $2.6 Million, all three pictures grossed over $78 Million in box office sales and achieved their goals of inspiring and evangelizing millions as well as reaping an abundance of resources for the mission of the church.

“The audience is saying and consistently saying this year that ‘we want more movies like this, we want more movies that are faith-affirming, that are life-affirming, that are uplifting, that are inspirational, that we can take our whole family… so that is what is really, really exciting is the frequency and the voracity in which the audience is responding to so far the offerings they’ve had this year,” – Devon Franklin, Senior Production Executive, TriStar Pictures