Stories Network™

Christian belief is a driving force in world culture.  This is evidenced by the emergence of Saint John Paul II, Mother Teresa and Pope Francis as global spiritual leaders.

A project of the City of Light, Stories is a NEW Internet Content Delivery Network (CDN) that opens the world of original dramatic spiritual feature films, shorts and documentaries, animated features and series used to download and play digital video. “Stories Network” will offer monthly and annual subscriptions, and pay-per-view of its original motion picture content.  It will acquire movies, documentaries and series that reflect its vision and offer original continual programming directly into homes. It will be accessible through personal computers, laptops, tablets, smart-phones, Smart-TV’s or TV’s with set-top boxes, e.g. ROKU, BOXEE & Apple TV.

Here in America, faith concerns frequently erupt into polarizing public discourse and contentious public policy debates. Stories Network aspires to help viewers transcend barriers to understanding and compassion to become a signpost to that civilization of love which Saint John Paul II asserted must evolve in the new millennium if civilization as we know it is to endure. To this end, Stories key message will be “Love is the better way.”

Stories Network will present a fresh presentation of Judeo-Christian belief and practice as the keystone of western civilization. It will present Catholicism, whose one billion adherents hold that the 2,000 year old tradition possesses the fullness of revealed truth, as the prefigurement of a global embrace of the Trinitarian God of redemptive love incarnate in the body, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. Stories is a breakthrough for the medium and message of the NEW EVANGELIZATION!