family_tv_513xblu-rayThere is a rapidly growing Home Video market for faith and family films in the general or secular retail field.  According to data from the DVD & Blu-ray Release Report, between 1997 (the debut year of DVD) to 2010, there were approximately 1,500 religion-themed, non-feature films in the market. In 2013 alone there were 632 DVD releases in that category (compared to 391 in 2012 and 354 in 2011). Rich Peluso, Senior VP of Affirm Films (the Christian-themed content arm of Sony Pictures), said “Faith-based films have very long home entertainment tails in mainstream stores, much more so than what you typically find at retail.” Chief Marketing Officer Steven Quinn of Walmart told entertainment industry attendees at the recent faith and family film summit that 98 percent of Walmart’s 140 million weekly customers want safe family programs.

dvd-logo3City of Light Studios will partner with Motive Entertainment to create a DVD release plan for this mainstream market, also for religious trade outlets, churches, schools, organizations and for direct-to-home national and international sales and rental distribution. Motive will also develop and execute plans that will take the films to the varied TV and cable systems (including Pay TV, Video on Demand) and the growing sales and rental distributors on the Internet.